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Thailand Discriminates Against Foreigners – Foreigners Over 50 No Longer Allowed To Marry Thai

As if most farangs living in Thailand didn’t already know they’re discriminated against, Thailand is now bringing in a new law about marriage to a foreigner. Beginning on May 1st, 2011, foreigners will no longer be allowed to marry a Thai national if the foreigner is over the age of 50. This applies to both foreign men and women.

The Thai government, in all their usual wisdom, has decided its protecting ‘innocent Thai women’ from older men. What they’re not taking into consideration is it will actually screw over those Thai women, who will now no longer get the financial benefits of being married to older foreign  men.  It will however also screw over foreign women over 50 who might want to marry a Thai guy (who can also be over 50, but it’s not allowed).

That this is just another incentive for foreigners to pack up and take their money elsewhere doesn’t seem to have hit the brains of most Thai politicians for a second. In fact, expect to see less foreigners moving to Thailand. Instead they will marry the Thai girl outside the country (it’s still allowed to marry a foreigner over 50 outside Thailand, the marriage just may not be accepted by Thailand) and live overseas.

Problem for Thailand? Less Thai women living IN Thailand and NO foreigners money coming to Thailand at all.

Plus, if older foreigners are not allowed to marry a Thai – no problem. When the older foreigner dies, the Thai will not continue to get the pension from the foreigners native country. Why? Er….not married. Sorry.

Thailand – the land of the clueless politician and legalized discrimination.  Thank you Thailand – and I’m female, by the way, so not “corrupting any innocent Thai women”

(See news story below).

BANGKOK: — The Ministry of Interior are bringing a new proposal before the Cabinet prohibiting foreigners over the age of 50 from marrying Thai nationals.

According to a Ministry spokesperson, statistics show that many older foreigners are marrying much younger Thai women, which is not appropriate and often leads to many problems.

“Many older foreigners seem to marry Thai women so they can stay in Thailand under less strict requirements. Instead of needing to meet the requirements of 800,000 baht in the bank they only have to show 400,000 baht a year when married to a Thai. Additionally, many of these people seem to come to Thailand simply to marry much younger girls. In many cases they are old enough to be their father. I am concerned that these people are attempting to circumvent the rules by marrying innocent Thai women. If these people don’t have enough money to retire then they shouldn’t be here and become a burden to Thailand,” Tawatchai Suksoom of the Ministry of Interior stated.

He added that the measure is not discriminatory as it will apply to both men and women, but admitted that the proposal would mainly affect Thai women and foreign men.

Thai nationals cannot be prohibited from marrying older foreigners abroad, however Thai embassies will warn them of the possibility that Thailand will not recognize the marriage if they return to Thailand, he noted.

It is expected that the new law will be brought before the Cabinet for approval at the beginning of next month where it will then be proposed to Parliament. The law will not apply retroactively but only to marriages that take place after the new law comes into effect. Tawatchai advised Thais living overseas to provide proof to their Embassies that they were married before the law came into effect so as to avoid any potential problems.

The new law is in line with similar laws in Cambodia and Laos as part of the upcoming ASEAN integration in 2015 and is expected to pass Parliament with ease and should take effect on May 1st, 2011.

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