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Thailand Gold Prices for July 3rd, 2013

gold statue thailand
Thai Buddhists often add gold leaf to Buddhist statues as a way to pay respect and to gain ‘merit’. Photo copyright Nicolai Bangsgaard, Creative Commons license


Thailand gold prices for July 3rd, 2013 still continue to fall from their high of just three months ago. Today gold prices have fallen 50 baht from yesterday’s market close. The Gold Traders Association says the current buying price of gold in Thailand is at 18,085 baht per baht-weight if you plan on buying gold ornaments (jewelry etc) and is 18,350 baht if you plan on buying gold bar.

As for selling prices, they are as follows — 18,850 per baht weight for gold ornaments, and 18,450 baht per baht weight for purchases of gold bar.

Thailand gold prices for July 3rd, 2013, by the way, are down quite markedly since April, which was the last time I reported on gold prices. If you’ll remember, I also mentioned that may have been the best time to sell gold, seeing as how the price for buying gold was more than 3,000 baht ($100) per baht more than it is now. Hope some of you took heed?