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Thailand’s Election Commission Asks Court to Dissolve Democrat Party

Thai TV and newspapers are reporting Thailand’s Election Commission has voted 4 to 1 to ask the Constitutional Court to dissolve the Democrat Party after the EC says it’s possible they accepted illegal donations of 258 million baht ($8.2 million).

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, the Thai PM who is currently the target of massive anti-government protests, is the head of the Democrat Party.

If the party was to be dissolved, that would mean the end of the current government and possibly the end of Thailand’s on-going political demonstrations. It would also be a dream-come-true for red shirt protesters who, as one of the conditions in which they will leave Bangkok protest sites have said they want PM Abhisit to step down.

The problem though is two-fold.

Did Thailand’s Election Commission just pass on their problems to the Constitutional Court, after red shirt protesters stormed their office last week demanding for a decision to be made in the illegal donations against the Democrat Party case?

And, will the Constitutional Court act ‘constitutionally’ (meaning ethically) and rule fairly. Or, will they do what they did with the previous government and dissolve their party and thus their government without sufficient evidence?

Not very likely, most analysts say as it is well-known in Thailand the Constitutional Court is on the side of the current government and was against the previous one.

Poor Thailand. When even the Constitutional Court doesn’t rule fairly, what chance do you have of anyone else doing so either?