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Thailand’s Full Moon Wine Cooler is Very Tasty

Full Moon Party wine spritzer


I’ve recently discovered a new wine cooler here in Thailand. Called ‘Full Moon’ wine cooler, it comes in three different varieties – white, red and rose (although they call it something like ‘rask’, which is a bit odd?). It’s also extremely tasty.

Light, flavorful and, might I add, very cheap (I paid 60 baht or $2 at a small bar near my house for a bottle of white), Full Moon wine cooler is well worth picking up if you’re looking for something alcoholic but not that intoxicating to drink.

Of course, you can also grab it at most supermarkets and wine stores around Bangkok. At my local supermarket, it’s currently selling for 40 baht a bottle or $1.25. A nice little number indeed.