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Thailand’s Internet Censorship Worsening – Guardian Shows


There’s an interesting series of articles on The Guardian website this week about censorship worldwide and Thailand does not look good. Shown as having ‘Selective’ to ‘Substantial’ internet censorship depending on whether the censorship is political, social etc. Thailand is one of the world’s worst censors when it comes to internet freedom.

We’re currently in Spain for a few months and are loving that everything we want to watch, read or see online is automatically available. The Thai government, especially the government of Yingluck Shinawatra, which has increased internet censorship since coming to power should be ashamed of themselves.

As writers, every time we leave Thailand and get back to normal internet freedoms, we also know we can’t live long-term in Thailand. The country is too backward and too restrictive when it comes to freedom of speech and human rights and internet censorship in Thailand is out of control. What writer in their right minds would want to live with that?