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Thailand’s Military Officials Continue to Put Soldiers Lives in Danger with Use of Fake GT200 Bomb Detectors

Overturned military truck after bomb explosion in Thailand’s south today — were the fake bomb detectors used here too?


To any westerner who has lived in Thailand for a few years, it’s obvious many in the Thai government are as dumb as rocks. But, the prize for the stupidest people in Thailand continues to go to people like Supreme Commander Thanasak Patimaprakorn and Thai Defence Minister Sukumpol Suwanatat who, even though it has been proven in the UK that the GT200 bomb detectors sold to countries like Thailand are fakes, these two morons along with other high-ranking Thai military officials are insisting they will be still be used. Why? Because they don’t have anything better.

In fact, this is how stupid Supreme Commander Thanasak Patimaprakorn really is. When asked about the GT200 fake bomb detectors his response was that he had seen the effectiveness of these (fake) bomb detectors and he knew they were able to find bombs. He finished by saying “”It’s better to use the GT200 than to have nothing.”

Hard to understand the thought process of fools like this when scientists in the United Kingdom, people much smarter than them, have already proved that these are NOT bomb detectors. They are fake pieces of equipment that were sold to unsuspecting governments all over the world. Every other government has now stopped using them, including the American military in Afghanistan and Iraq, but not the Thai government.

In fact, the Thai government, or at least it’s dumber-than-a-rock military generals actually believe an empty plastic casing, a TV aerial and a piece of cardboard can find bombs? How do people GET this stupid?? And how on earth do these men think it’s morally right to continue to put the lives of their soldiers in danger, by insisting that they use fake bomb detectors to attempt to find bombs? In any developed country, these men and the others in the military who are insisting these fake bomb detectors are used would be in jail by now.

In fact, the only thing these two stupid men seem to be concerned about is whether there was ‘corruption’ when these fake bomb detectors were bought. as the price that was paid for them was very high. Not the lives of their soldiers in the south, but corruption.

Meanwhile, there was a huge bomb explosion in Sungai Kolok today, and another explosion on a roadside that was so big it turned over an armored car. Two soldiers, five military rangers and a villager were injured when the second bomb exploded. Wonder if those fake GT200 bomb detectors were being used when those bombs went off?