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Thaksin Offers 10 Million Baht for Victory Monument Bomber: Suspects PDRC?

thaksin 10 million baht for victory monument bomber
Screenshot of Panthongtae Thaksin’s Faceboook post, complete with photos of the Victory Monument bomber.

Thaksin Shinawatra offers 10 million baht for Victory Monument bomber

As millions of people in Thailand will tell you, ousted Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is an extremely intelligent man. So, when Thaksin is offering 10 million baht (around $307,600) to anyone who will name and turn in the man who bombed an anti-government rally at Victory Monument on Sunday, injuring 29 people, you know he knows who’s behind the bombing.

And, like many others in Thailand, he suspects Suthep and members of the PDRC.

According to Thaksin’s son, Oak Panthongtae, who posted a message on his Facebook page today about the 10 million baht bounty (see photo above), the ousted Thai prime minister is offering 10 million baht for the identity of the Victory Monument bomber as he believes it’s obvious the PDRC (and thus Suthep?) were behind the bombing of their own supporters.

Why? To try to push the military into having another coup, of course, because the PDRC can’t unseat the democratically-elected Pheu Thai government any other way.

The Facebook message also asks Suthep to “stop crying crocodile tears” and admit that the PDRC rallies are not peaceful, some protesters are armed, and that that there are terrorists in the mob. (All I can say is we’ll be waiting a long time for Suthep to be “truthful” about anything).

Whether Thaksin offering 10 million baht for the Victory Monument bomber will have the desired effect we’ll have to wait and see, but it’s hard to believe most Thais, no matter what their political leanings, would turn down that kind of money.

Hell, if I knew who the bastard was, or had proof about the bastards behind him, I’d turn in the bomber for FREE.