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Thaksin Shinawatra Shows Huge Improvement in English Skills

Some things Thaksin Shinawatra did as prime minister of Thailand I approve of (programs he put into place to help the poor), others (6,000 people shot and killed during his “drug war”), I don’t. But, let’s face it, under Thaksin, Thailand was better. No doubt about it.

But, one thing I always found frustrating about listening to Thaksin on TV or the radio was how difficult it was to understand him when he spoke English. Stuck with a strong Thai accent and using grammar that didn’t really make sense, I’ve turned him off so many times as I got tired of trying to figure out what he was on about.

Imagine my surprise then, when I saw Thaksin Shinawatra interviewed by the BBC and Aljazeera this week. Since the last time I listened to him, his English skills show such an enormous improvement it’s hard to believe it’s the same guy.

Now, speaking in English, Thaksin’s grammar is clear and precise, his accent less “Thai” and his ability to speak English fluidly and fluently is awesome.  In his latest BBC and Aljazeera interviews, there wasn’t one statement Thaksin made I didn’t understand, and not one thing that was confusing.

Way to go, Thaksin. Congratulations on your English improvement. Guess that’s what living so long outside Thailand does for you. See. There ARE positives to every bad situation!


Thaksin speaking English 2 Years ago:

Thaksin speaking English in an interview with Aljazeera this week (love his comment on the Thai court being a “Mickey Mouse court” – He even understands English slang now):