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Thammasat to Reconsider Ban on Lese Majeste Activities


As news services around the world continue to show Thammasat University in its true light, cowardly, afraid and siding with those who would stop freedom of speech and expression in Thailand, it seems the university may now be reconsidering its ban on lese majeste activities on campus. After all, when the ban has shone the spotlight on Thammasat University for its backward, anti-freedom of speech views, its trustees must be pretty embarrassed.

In fact, Thammasat rector, Somkit Lertpaithoon, has now announced he’ll ask executives to reconsider the ban, in a  meeting on February 13th. He says its because of “widening divisions at the university”. We beg to differ.

Divisions about Thailand’s archaic majeste law will always be wide, whether at Thammasat University or elsewhere, until the law no longer exists. It will also continue to be a blight on the good reputation of Thailand, as Thai courts continue to imprison people under the law.

What is really behind this sudden change of heart, instead of the “widening divisions” are the 200 students and protesters that showed up at Thammasat yesterday to demonstrate against the ban, and the world’s press who cannot believe the backward, antiquated, Middle Ages destination so many in Thailand seem intent on going back to.

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