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Was Thailand’s Chalerm Drunk? What Do You Think?


I just love reading the things some Thais say when they are accused of doing something they would be ashamed of being found guilty of. Case in point, Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung who was accused of being “drunk” during a parliamentary debate about the constition on Friday, after he gave former PM Abhisit a hard time.

Here, according to the Bangkok Post,  is what Chalerm said explaining why he wasn’t drunk:

I was not walking steadily [during the debate] because I have an ear disorder and my face was red because I had worked out.,” Mr Chalerm said

“I always have bottles of wine in my car but I have never drunk them before entering the parliament or giving speeches,” he said on Monday.

He said he was still conscious and was not at fault, unlike a person with a “black face” who committed adultery with other men’s wives.

“When I said I was intoxicated by love and pointed at Ms Rangsima [in the parliament] I was not tryihg to intimidate her because Ms Rangsima and I always greet each other and our houses are also close to each other,” said the deputy premier.

Ms. Rangsima, by the way, is Democrat MP for Samut Songkhram Rangsima Rodrasamee, and she’s the one who shouted “He’s drunk” during the debate on Friday, (you can see her screaming about it on the video below) and said she could smell the alcohol on his breath. (In Thailand, often an accusation is enough – and ‘proof’ is digging out a few bottles of booze from a parliament trash can – anyone could have put them there, but in Thailand that is never taken into consideration. The accusation is enough).

As for me, just reading Chalerm’s reasons for not being drunk made me laugh out loud. In fact, so funny did I think it was, I had coffee coming down my nose.

Thanks for the laugh, Chalerm. That one made my day.

Meanwhile, here’s the video of Chalerm during the debate. What do you think? Drunk? Not drunk? Has an inner ear problem?

Personally, and I am no fan of Chalerm, but he doesn’t look or sound that drunk to me. I know drunk and, if Chalerm was drunk, it couldn’t have been from more than a couple of drinks. So, no, I don’t believe he was particularly drunk.

I’d say this is just another case of the Democrats digging up ‘dirt’ because, heaven forbid, they actually use ‘facts’ to persuade voters’ minds. It’s no wonder so many Thais won’t vote Democrat anymore.

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