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Why Do Thais Not Plan Ahead? TrueVisions Prime Example of Lack of Forward-Thinking


I got off the phone with a friend today who is an English teacher in Thailand. She detests everything about teaching in Thailand. The education system, Thai schools, Thai pupils and the Thai school administration who, honestly, couldn’t organize a raffle. (I used to work at the same school, so I know this is true). She also went on about the complete inability of Thais to plan ahead because, as a people, they are very poor at being forward-thinking.

The sad thing is, my friend is Thai. But, having lived in the US since the age of six, she hates Thailand and the stupidity of so much of what goes on here, and simply wants to get the hell out of here and go home. It’s not a subject I agree with her on, but I can definitely see where she’s coming from.

This conversation got me thinking about TrueVisions and the hoopla that is surrounding the Eufa Euro 2012 TV coverage right now. Being run by Thais, and seemingly stupid ones at that, TrueVisions in all their wisdom decided to wait until a few days before Euro 2012 began to try to iron out their TV agreement, so they could air Euro 2012 games as they had promised their subscribers they would.

Needless to say, by the time they approached Eufa about airing Euro 2012 (TWO DAYS into the tournament, I must add, and yes, I am shouting), Eufa said “No, we can’t allow TrueVisions access to the Eufa Euro 2012 football games signal. The tournament is already underway”. I’d like to think they silently added “Duh” to that conversation.

The lack of forward-thinking and planning on TrueVisions part would boggle the mind, if I hadn’t spent a decade in Thailand. You see it every day in every Thai agency, every Thai government organization (including the Thai government itself), in schools, in stores, and with public transportation systems like the BTS and MRT.

As a Thai friend of mine once said, “It’s amazing Thailand ever managed to get electricity, so many of the people in power in our country are that stupid.’

As for learning how to plan ahead, don’t expect most Thais to learn it any time soon. It’s not taught in schools because, let’s face it, most of the teachers don’t know how to do it themselves — why would they, they were never taught — and the Thais that do have it have either been educated overseas or, in some amazing feat of ingenuity, have figured it out for themselves.

As Thailand attempts to take a bigger role in ASEAN, though, you have to wonder how long will it be before they are the laughing stock of the organization? Many other Asian nationalities are superb at forward-thinking (have you seen the Japanese and the Singaporeans?). What on earth is wrong with Thais?