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Why is Thai Government Obsessed with Tourism Above Terrorism and Safety?

Don’t worry about the bombs in Bangkok. Tourism is still okay.


Every time anything negative happens in Thailand, within a day or two, there’s a govenment official, professor or other ‘expert’ insisting the terrible thing that just happened won’t affect tourism. Again, today, only two days after three bombs were set off by an Iranian bomber in Bangkok, the Thai government is again obsessed with Thailand’s tourism figures. So much so, they already have someone from the Economic and Business Forecasting Centre of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce spouting new figures showing the Bangkok bombs will only have a “short-term negative impact on tourism”.

It seems to us the Thai government seems a lot more worried about ‘tourism’ than they do about terrorism and safety. Both the safety of their own citizens and the tourists that come to Thailand.

In the latest survey about the loss of tourism in Thailand, the director of the Economic and Business Forecasting Center asked business owners which sectors would likely be affected by the bombs in Bangkok. The business owners responded tourism, foreign investment in Thai businesses and investment in the Thai stock market.

From these business operators ‘opinions’, the center director has come up with a hypothesis that Thailand’s tourism industry will only see a few percentage point drops in tourist for just a couple of month.

Yes, folks, this is ‘science’ in Thailand. Kind of scary, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, government spokespeople are still whittering on about Thailand’s tourism. A pity they don’t seem to care as much about safety, terrorists and bombs in Thailand. Only making sure tourists keep coming and bringing their money with them.

As many westerners in Thailand often say, we’re thought of as nothing more than “walking ATM machines” by many Thais and during times like this, it’s sometimes hard to believe otherwise.

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