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Will Foreign Businesses Leave Thailand Now Floods Are Over?

Honda plant under water at an industrial estate just outside Ayutthaya, Thailand

With many foreign businesses unhappy about flooding in Thailand, loss of their factories, and the Thai government and the BMA and the Bangkok governor’s response to it, there’s a concern many businesses, particularly those owned by Japanese companies that were badly hit in the floods, may leave Thailand.

In fact, that’s not likely, although what is likely is foreign businesses, like Honda, will weigh the risk more carefully when it comes to opening more factories in Thailand, and may choose to locate new factories in other south east Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, is at the ASEAN meeting in Bali, Indonesia. She’s hoping the trip will help squash any fears foreign investors may have that Thailand cannot implement new flood controls, to prevent such flooding happening again in the  future.

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