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Yingluck Says New Flood Prevention Plan Ensures “No Floods” in Future, But Is She Correct?

Yingluck and Abhisit wading through flood waters in June, when flooding first began


Thai Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, says the government is currently working on a massive flood prevention program that, when finished, will ensure there are no floods next year in Thailand’s industrial centers or major cities. She says, while there may be flooding, it won’t be as severe as in 2011. But is she correct?

Probably not.

While Yingluck says huge amounts of money will be spent on the new flood prevention plan, for things such as dredging and deepening canals, repairing broken sluice gates, and buying more pumps, unfortunately in Thailand, one of the world’s most corrupt countries, most of the money spent will likely end up anywhere but where it’s supposed to.

Even during the floods, the government said yesterday, money that was given to agencies in already-flooded areas to be used to purchase more pumps, may not have been spent on pumps, as agencies have not produced receipts.

All of these promises about “no floods in the future” are being made in an effort to stop foreign businesses, whose factories were flooded out on Thailand’s industrial estates, from moving out of the country. The problem is, unless there is a major overhaul of Thai morals and ethics — no matter how much the government spends on a “flood prevention plan”, it won’t make much difference.

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