What Does ‘Su Su’ Mean in Thailand?


If you make Thai friends while on a trip or living in Thailand, eventually one of them will tell you “Su su” (or “Suu suu”). When I first heard the term, I hadn’t the foggiest idea what it meant until my closest Thai friend told me it comes from the Thai word สู้, which means “to fight”.

When a Thai tells you “su su”, often with fist raised in the air or the “V for Victory” sign, they’re saying “Don’t give up. Fight” and encouraging you to keep going.

Thai friends tell me it’s used a lot in Thai universities when their team is competing against another university. It was also used at my last job in Thailand, an international company where something in the office was always not working. The Thai employees seemed to use it as a daily mantra.

So, the next time you hear “Su su”, just smile, nod and get on with it. After all, what’s the alternative. Lying down to die?

Here’s a video called “Thailand SuSu” – encouraging Thailand’s football team, which unfortunately isn’t one of the best.