Medical Tourism: Getting Cosmetic Surgery in a Hospital in Thailand

bangkok hospital
Bangkok International Hospital


Tens of thousands of tourists travel to Thailand every year for medical tourism. Medical tourism is where, instead of visiting Thailand for a vacation, a ‘tourist’ comes for cheaper medical care.  Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism not only because of the cheaper price, but also because the quality of care is as good as in the US or Europe.

Cosmetic surgery is also high on the list of things to get in Thailand as, compared to the west, it’s ridiculously cheap yet the quality of surgery is superb.

If you’re thinking of getting cosmetic surgery in Thailand take these factors into consideration first before you decide:

1. A chin lift that’s $8,000 to $10,000 in the US is $2,000 in Thailand at several Bangkok private hospitals.

2. The top hospital in south east Asia is Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, which has a Plastic Surgery Center that’s second to none. At Bumrungrad, you can get a rhinoplasty (nose job), breast lift, breast reduction, chin lift, eye lift, liposuction, facial implants and many other cosmetic procedures, all for prices approximately 20-25% the cost of a western hospital.

3. Botox injections, which are $600 to $800 in the US and Europe start at $150 in a reputable clinic or hospital in Thailand.

4. Teeth whitening is available at most of Thailand’s dentists for $200, and on and on.

Getting cosmetic surgery at a Thai hospital, you’ll find western-trained doctors, staff that speaks excellent English, top-quality rooms and no paying the American-style $5 for an aspirin.

For more information on cosmetic surgery in Thailand, look at Bumrungrad International Hospital’s website as well as Paolo Memorial Hospital, Bangkok International Hospital and Bangkok Hospital Phuket (if you’d like to relax on the beach after your surgery).