Thailand offers $13,700 in prizes for TikTok videos of Songkran 2024

Songkran 2567 TikTok campaign will give 38 winners $13,700 in monetary prizes

With the Thai economy not performing as well as economies in other South Asian countries this year, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has devised a plan to bring in more tourists.

Or to make even happier some of the tourists already visiting the Asian country, so they will definitely come back.

Thai tourists are also included in the TAT plan.

That plan involves offering over 500,000 THB (approximately US$13,700) in prizes during this week’s upcoming Songkran festival to international and Thai tourists in Thailand who create TikTok videos of this week’s Songkran 2024 water festival.

Thailand’s new TikTok campaign is called ‘Songkran 2567‘, and it will pay out monetary prizes to 38 tourists. (Songkran 2567, of course, as ‘2567’ is the Thai year 2024).

The campaign’s goal is to ” help preserve Thai cultural traditions and create positive travel experiences” for everyone.

Thais and international tourists alike.

How to enter the TAT’s Songkran 2567 campaign

Entering the TAT campaign is easy.

All you have to do is upload videos to your TikTok account of any event or tourist attraction that celebrates Songkran 2024, and promotes a happy atmosphere.

Make sure you add the hashtags #Songkran2567, #InstantHappinessatSongkran and #TikTokTravels, and make sure your video is set to “public” so that everyone can watch it.

The 38 winners will by chosen from TikTok videos with the highest number of views and highest number of likes.

The Songkran 2567 campaign runs through Tuesday, April 16th. The list of 38 winners will then be announced on May 7th via TikTok’s usual messaging platform.

Meanwhile, late last year, UNESCO officially designated ‘Songkran in Thailand, traditional Thai New Year festival’, as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

So yes, the Songkran festival in Thailand, which this year runs from April 11th-15th,  is a big deal.