No talking on Thailand trains and colored disco lighting banned on Phuket — stupidity in the time of Covid

As the panic and hysteria over Covid-19 in Thailand continues, two stupid pieces of news came to light this week.

First, Thailand’s Department of Rail Transport (DRT) has requested all passengers do not speak while aboard any of their trains. This includes talking on phones while aboard a DRT train.

According to the DRT, talking on Thai trains could help spread Covid-19 even more. Regardless that all railway passengers are mandated to wear masks while using all public transportation.

The second stupid piece of news to emerge from Thailand is that Aroon Solos, the mayor of Rawai, Phuket has now said all bars, pubs and entertainment venues will be allowed to reopen.

But, with restrictions that are still going to force most people to stay at home.

Along with the usual restrictions of huge spaces between tables, only four people allowed at one table and hand sanitizer available everywhere, bars will only be allowed to open if they are converted into restaurants and serve food.

What makes this even more stupid than it sounds, however, is the added mandate all colored disco lighting must be swapped out for standard lighting options before a bar or restaurant is allowed to open.

We are not sure if having colored disco lights boosts the chances of two Covid-19 viruses getting together in the dark, making out and having babies but, whatever the reason, expect to be sitting in your favorite Phuket bar in what feels like broad daylight rather than the cozy dimness you are used to.