Saranair Osekai: Thai Comedy in Bangkok Movies Theaters Now

Thailand is known for slapstick comedy when it comes to the movies its directors produce. In fact, there’s not much sophisticated humor in Thailand, at least in the movie theaters, but in their own way many Thai comedies dohave a lot of charm, and I personally love them. One of the latest to be released in Bangkok movie theaters this weekend is a new Thai comedy called Saranair Osekai.

Saranair Osekai was directed by Thai actor, Kietisak Udomnak, who starred previously in a movie called Bangkok Knockout. He also stars in the movie, along with Boriboon Chanruang, Charattha Imraporn, Phupoom Phonganu, Warattha Imraporn and Willy McIntosh, (who sounds like he’s probably western but is, in fact, Thai).

Saranair Osekai tells the story of two famous pranksters,Willie and Hoi, who take a trip to Japan looking for a source of inspiration for their TV show that’s based around playing tricks on people. In Japan, they come across the Yashimoto School of Candidness, where they soon fall in love with what is being taught there.

As part of the course, they must pull five big pranks on five major Thai stars to prove that they are worthy of being taught. Sounds a bit they’re in training for the Thai version of ‘Punk’d’ doesn’t it?

Check out the trailer below. It will seem a little odd to someone who has never seen a Thai comedy but they do tend to be so silly they’re actually quite funny.