Thai Singer, Patchara Wangwan (พัชรา แวงวรรณ), Killed in Car Accident in California

I am not very familiar with a lot of older Thai singers, singers from the 1980s and 1990s before I moved to Thailand, but I was recently introduced to a couple of older Thai songs from singer Patchara Wangwan, (พัชรา แวงวรรณ) that I liked.

So, I was sad to hear the news just a few minutes ago that Patchara Wangwan had been killed in a car accident in California.

The Thai singer had been living in the United States for more than a decade, since she stopped singing with her band Ovation. According to the Bangkok Post, Patchara was killed in a car accident in LA while driving from Riverside on Wednesday.

She was only 48 years old. Very sad news indeed.

If you would like to listen to what a beautiful voice Patchara Wangwan had, listen to these two songs. So pretty. It’s no wonder she used to be such a popular singer in Thailand. She will be missed.

Update:  It seems the first reports of Patchara Wangwan being killed in a car accident were false. The truth is even more sad as the Thai singer apparently committed suicide. Her body was discovered hanging in the garage of her Riverside, Los Angeles home.