How Much are Taxis in Thailand in 2013?

taxis in bangkok thailand

Some of Thailand’s colorful taxis — copyright Omad, Creative Commons license


Taking taxis in Thailand in 2013 is still incredibly cheap

Taking taxis in Thailand in 2013 is cheap. In fact, almost as cheap as it was 10 years ago when I moved here. Having been in Thailand so long, and now used to cheap Thai taxi fares, I admit I hadn’t realized how expensive taxis are in other countries until I watched a price comparison on the BBC this week and, wow, what a shock. So, if you’re coming to the Land of Smiles, how much are taxis in Thailand in 2013? What does ‘cheap’ really mean?

The cost of a typical taxi fare in Bangkok, Thailand in 2013

When you ask the question how much are taxis in Thailand in 2013, the answer of course is “it depends”. It depends where you’re going, how bad the sometimes horrendous traffic is and what time of day you’re traveling. In just about every situation, however, you will find taking a taxi in Thailand is a fraction of the cost of the country you live in. Including taking a taxi from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport when you first arrive.

Starting taxi fare in Thailand – The starting fare for any taxi in Thailand is 35 baht ($1.12), which means that is the minimum amount you will pay when the meter goes on and it will take you 1 kilometer. That fare then slowly increases depending on how far you travel and how long you spend sitting in traffic, as the meter still ticks over even when you’re standing still.

Normal cost of a taxi in Thailand per kilometer

The normal cost of a taxi in Thailand mainly depends on how far you go. An approximate cost, however, is pretty easy to calculate.

Look at it this way — the base taxi fare is 35 baht and then each kilometer is charged at 5 baht (12 cents). That means a two kilometer ride would cost you 45 baht ($1.45), a 3 kilometer ride would be 50 baht ($1.61), a 4 kilometer ride would be 55 baht ($1.77) and on and on.

A 10 kilometer taxi ride in Thailand, which is approximately six and a half miles, would cost you 85 baht or $2.74 in normal traffic. If there are traffic jams, which particularly happens in Bangkok, you may pay an extra 50 cents to $1 while you’re sitting. But, as you can see taxi fares in Thailand are cheap.

Taxis in Thailand compared to New York, London and Tokyo

According to a story this week on the BBC, a 10 kilometer ride in New York costs around $60. The same distance traveled in Tokyo is around $40 and, in London, you can expect to pay around the same .

Yes, taxis in Thailand are cheap and you can hail them on any street anywhere in any town or city, or call one if you’re out in the rice fields somewhere.