101 Covid-19 cases in Chon Buri, Thailand — Si Racha ice factory closed until June 18th

101 Covid-19 cases have been recorded in Chon Buri, Thailand today (June 4th, 2021), with many connected to workers at a Si Racha ice factory.

Si Racha, is north of Pattaya and approximately 120 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, with the ice factory located there ordered to close by the Chon Buri Governor due to high numbers of Covid-19 infections. The factory will remain closed until June 18th.

The governor has not announced the number of Covid-19 cases at the Si Racha ice factory, but has only said the total number of cases recorded in Chon Buri were split between the Suksawat Pansadet Ice factory and what is being called ‘a Chinese party’.

Workers at the factory have been placed in quarantine to help prevent more infections in the community.

That order is in place whether a worker has had a positive or negative test for Covid-19.