12 deadly Thai snakes caught in a Surat Thani home — cobras and pythons, yikes!

In my over 15 years living in Thailand, I have been lucky that I have only ever come across one of the many deadly Thai snakes that can be found all over the small Asian country. A small cobra in the classroom at a school I was then teaching in.

When that happened, the school security guard appeared with a long hook and a shovel, shoveled up the cobra, dropped it in a sack and took it off to be released somewhere. The whole incident took no longer than 15 minutes, and that was my first and last brush with deadly Thai snakes over and done with.

That does not mean, however, that snakes are not often seen in cities like Bangkok, or in other cities around the kingdom. In fact, in Bangkok alone in 2017, the fire department were called almost 32,000 times about snake home invasions.

Hence, why I have always lived on high floors in apartment buildings in Bangkok. Far less chance of having a snake suddenly appear in your living room, or swimming up into your toilet bowl.

The owners of a house in Surat Thani, Thailand, however, seem to have been far less lucky with snake invasions than I have been, as they recently discovered 11 cobras and a python in their home.

Cobras are venomous, pythons are not. But a python can still kill you if they wrap themselves around you and then squeeze.

With 12 deadly Thai snakes seen in and around their home, this Thai family called rescuers who came to their property and captured the snakes — three king cobras, eight monocled cobras, and a reticulated python — which were located in a bedroom, the bathroom, a chicken coop and in a water tank.

Rescuers believe they had slithered into the home to get out of the above 35°C heat.

Watch the video below to see some of the 12 deadly snakes in all their glory. Yikes!

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