20 People Injured on Thai Airways Flight Due to Turbulence (Photos)

Thai Airways Phuket to Hong Kong air turbulence

Turbulence on Thai Airways flight causes 20 people to be injured

According to Thai TV news channels, 20 people were injured on a Thai Airways flight today after turbulence caused the plane to be tossed around. The pilot had warned plane passengers and flight crew that the Thai Airways plane was heading into air turbulence, but one crew member and around 19 passengers weren’t seated with seat belts fastened when the turbulence hit. The ensuing turbulence caused them to be flung around the plane.

The plane also sustained some light damage with several ceiling panels being cracked – likely due to passengers being thrown against them. (see photo above)

The Thai Airways flight was on its way from Phuket to Hong Kong this morning, with the air turbulence occurring just a few minutes before landing.

How serious were passengers’ injuries?

Once safely on the ground, Hong Kong fire crews and rescue services aided the injured passengers and one crew member. According to reports, the most serious injury was a broken collarbone and a few cuts and bruises, so most were quite lucky it seems.

As a frequent traveler, it’s always amazed me how many people on planes either walk around too much, even when the pilot has announced air turbulence, or sit in their seats for hours with their seat belts unfastened.

One almost certain way to avoid being injured on a plane during air turbulence is to keep your walking to a minimum — enough for quick exercise or to visit the toilet — and to always keep your seat belt loosely fastened. That way, if the plane suddenly hits an air pocket you are not catapulted up towards the ceiling.

Meanwhile, check out the photographs a Thai Twitter user named js100radio  posted. Scary, eh?