3 new coronavirus cases in Thailand bringing total to 3,028 but no new deaths

Three more coronavirus cases were reported in Thailand today — Sunday May 17th, 2020,

However, Thai government officials say the three were all students who have recently returned from studying overseas in Egypt and Pakistan.

Not that coronavirus cases in Thailand should worry most people. Whether you are planning on moving there or already live there.

After all, with a low 3,028 cases and only 56 deaths, Thailand has some of the lowest numbers of coronavirus cases in the world.

Thailand was also named one of the top countries for its ability to manage a pandemic by the Global Health Security Index. Much of this is said to be due to the country’s excellent and affordable healthcare system.

Sadly, however, with the Thai government shutting down the country’s borders to international visitors and banning all international flights into the country until July 1st, even with these low case numbers Thailand’s economy is in for a rough ride in the coming months and years.

Up to 20% of the Thai economy is dependent on tourism and, with all borders closed, the tourism industry in Thailand is all but dead.

Conservative estimates put tourist arrivals in Thailand to fall by 65% in 2020.

Oddly too, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) seems to think domestic tourism will help revive the Thai tourist industry.

With tens of thousands of Thais now unemployed due to working in businesses connected to the tourist industry, and with many of those still working conserving money due to the coming economic recession, one wonders where the TAT believes this money for domestic tourism is coming from?