70% vaccination rate in Phuket by July 1st is goal if international tourists are to return

With Phuket one of the few areas of Thailand implementing a pilot scheme to open up to international tourists this summer, local authorities are currently pushing for a 70% vaccination rate in Phuket by July 1st, 2021.

With that number of people vaccinated, not only may international tourists feel more comfortable about visiting the Thai island, but domestic tourists may also visit.

That is why, in a meeting on Thursday, Phuket Tourism authorities came up with a plan to get as many people registered and vaccinated as soon as possible.

Their target is an additional 310,000 vaccinations in Phuket by June 30th.

Around 28% of the population, approximately 132,000 people, have already been vaccinated, with more than 200,000 additional people registered to receive vaccinations in the next six weeks.

As part of the plan, the Deputy Governor of Phuket is asking village heads and Tambon chiefs to encourage everyone in their area to register for a Covid vaccination.

This can be done by village officials making door-to-door visits. (article continued below…)

Foreigners in Thailand can get Covid-19 vaccinations says Thai government — although not immediately

If the Phuket area can achieve a 70% vaccination rate by the beginning of July, local authorities believe this will allow herd immunity against Covid-19 to take hold.

International tourists will then be able to visit without being required to quarantine.

They will fly directly to Phuket where they will be allowed to vacation in the area.



Whether many international tourists will take advantage of the new no-quarantine policy, however, is still to be ascertained.

Particularly as masks are still currently mandated everywhere both indoors and outdoors in Phuket, with a 20,000 baht fine (approximately $670) being leveled against those who refuse to comply.

Something that is not acceptable to a huge number of international tourists, who do not wish to take a vacation and be required to wear masks on a hot tropical beach.

Meanwhile, today’s reported cases of Covid-19 Thailand-wide number 3,052 new infections, most of which are asymptomatic, and with 24 Covid-related new deaths.