73 die on Thailand’s roads during 3rd day of ‘7 Dangerous Days’ New Year holiday

The numbers have been reported for deaths on Thailand’s roads yesterday, December 30th, 2017, and the third day of the ‘Seven Dangerous Days’ over the New Year holiday period, and 73 more people are dead as a result of traffic accidents.

Yesterday’s deaths on Thailand’s roads brings the total number of deaths during the first three days of the ‘Seven Dangerous Days’ to a total of 167 people who lost their lives. 1,793 others were injured, primarily as a result of drunk driving and speeding.

Yet again on December 30th, motorcycle accidents were the reason most people died, with 78.77 percent of accidents on December 30th involving a motorbike.

The total number of traffic accidents on the third day of the ‘Seven Dangerous Days’ was 649 nationwide, with the most accidents occurring in Chiang Mai again. Si Sa Ket still has the highest number of deaths.

At the moment, however, deaths on Thailand’s roads as a result of traffic accidents are down quite a bit from the same period in 2016.

That is because during the first three days of last year’s New Year holiday period, there were 199 people killed. This year in the same time period 167 deaths were reported. A reduction overall of around 17 percent, and in line with the reduction of deaths the Thai government is hoping for during the 2017-2018 holiday period.

Remember, though, there are still three more days before Thailand’s ‘Seven Dangerous Days’ are over, and New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day tend to be the most dangerous as the most people tend to be drunk.

That is why, if you are on Thailand’s roads in the next few days, avoid motorbikes if at all possible and take public transportation instead.

Also avoid traveling if you do not have to, as you are far safer staying close to home and off the roads than you are traveling a long way, or on Thailand’s roads with the drunks, the speeders and the people who should never be allowed behind the wheel of a car.

To illustrate just what could happen, below is a dashcam compilation video of typical traffic accidents in Thailand in past years, pretty much all of which could have been avoided if the person wasn’t drunk, wasn’t speeding or knew how to drive. (And yes, there are definitely several deaths on the video, so it is not for the faint of heart).

Happy New Year, and best wishes for a lovely 2018.


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