9-9-81 Thai Horror Movie Will Scare the Beejezus Out of You (Video)

9-9-81 is another Thai horror movie that is guaranteed to freak you out.

It tells the story of Vipawee, a young Thai woman who discovers just before her wedding that her fiance, Kong, has died. She loves him so much that she takes her own life when, dressed in her wedding dress, she jumps off the roof of her apartment building.

Of course, once she has died, we find out her fiance has not died. Instead, her best friend who told her this had lied to her because she wanted Kong for herself.

So, you guessed it, Vipawee is out to get vengeance.

But not just on her best friend, Nong, but also on several other people involved in the mess.

Now, I don’t know why Thai horror movies freak me out, but they scare me a lot more than does the typical western horror movie.

9-9-81 features the usual Thai ghost with the white face, the big dark eyes and the soulful look. The creepy music, sound effects and ‘surprises’ all add to the scarefest of 9-9-81. So much so, I didn’t sleep much the night I saw it.

If you wait for 9-9-81 to come out on video, unless you understand Thai, it will be difficult to comprehend as English sub titles are rarely included. That is why it is best seeing it at local Thai movie theaters while it is in first release, as most of them have at least one theater that is showing it with English subtitles.

If you love horror movies and you are in Thailand, do go and see 9-9-81. It will scare the beejezus out of you. (Unless you are not as weenie as me, of course).