AIIZ Fashion: Great Clothing at a Cheap Price in Bangkok, Thailand

The AIIZ store at Bangkok's Terminal 21 mall at Christmas, 2012.
The AIIZ store at Bangkok’s Terminal 21 mall at Christmas, 2012.


On my first ever trip to Bangkok, Thailand more than 10 years ago I discovered AIIZ. AIIZ (it’s supposed to mean ‘A to Z’) is a Thai fashion brand that has stores all over Thailand offering good quality, extremely cute and fashionable clothing at a cheap price.

On my first trip to an AIIZ store in Bangkok, I came away with 10 plain t shirts in 10 different colors. Thailand, just in case you don’t know, can be a nightmare for finding plain colored t shirts with no logos, brand names or cute pictures on them. I just wanted short, plain but colorful t shirts to wear with skirts. I found hundreds of them at AIIZ and in about 30 different colors — hundreds of beautiful quality t shirts, I might add, and all for only 199 baht ($6) each.

Since then, I’ve been back to AIIZ fashion many times and bought, I’d guess, at least 100 items of clothing — t shirts, skirts, dresses, sweat shirts, pants — you name it, AIIZ sells them and their prices are great.

AIIZ also specializes in both casual clothing and clothing that’s perfect for work. So, whether you’re looking for a skirt for a party or a shirt for a business meeting, you’ll find both at AIIZ.

AIIZ often has sales as well, both full shop sales and specific item sales. I’ve bought items on sale that have been 800 baht ($27) for only 150 baht ($5.20).

With more than 400 AIIZ stores all over Thailand, you shouldn’t have to go far to find one. If you’re in Bangkok, you can start with the AIIZ store at Terminal 21 or the AIZ store at MBK Mall. They’re both very nice. You can also check out AIIZ’s website for more store listings although, as it’s only in Thai, it’s a bit difficult for non-Thai speakers. You’ll have to ask a Thai to translate.


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