Apple iPhone 5C and 5S Selling for More Than 18,000 and 22,000 Baht in Thailand? Cheap? Hardly

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Buying the Apple iPhone 5C and 5S in Thailand – will they be cheap?

According to a showy presentation by Apple yesterday, the new Apple iPhone models 5C and 5S will be a ‘cheap’ version and a more high-end version of the new model phone. In reality, though, are any of the versions ‘cheap’ and will they Apple iPhone 5s be cheap in Bangkok, Thailand? Not likely at all.

In fact, according to Apple, the cheap price of either of the two new Apple iPhone 5 phones only happens if you buy an Apple iPhone 5 with a mandatory 2-year telephone contract.

In that case, while you’re tied to an expensive phone contract for two years, a contract you can’t get out of, you can ‘save’ money on the Apple iPhone 5C as it will only cost you $99 in the US. Without the 2-year contract? A whopping $549.

As for the higher-end Apple iPhone 5S, that will be $199 in America if you decide to stick yourself with a 2-year contract. If not? $649. No, not cheap at all.

As for buying either the Apple iPhone 5C in Thailand or the 5S? While a release date has not been set yet, Apple says the iPhone 5C and 5S will both be available for purchase in Thailand before the end of the year.

Price? They’re not saying but, as Apple products are always more expensive in Thailand than in the US (who knows why as tax is lower here?), you can pretty much count on paying well over 18,000 baht for the lower end iPhone 5C phone when it’s on sale in Thailand.

As for the higher-end iPhone 5S? More than 22,000 baht without a contract is the lowest price this cell phone will likely sell for.

Apple handing over your personal information to the NSA and US government

Then again, I don’t know why anyone would willingly buy an Apple iPhone 5C or 5S in Thailand? After all, Apple is one of the American corporations willingly handing over all your personal information to the NSA and the US government. You’d have to be more than a bit of a fool to actually pay them to do so.