Apple Says iPhone 5C and 5S on Sale in Thailand on October 25, 2013

apple iphone 5C and 5S


Apple has announced the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S will go on sale in Thailand on October 25, 2013. The prices, of course, are ridiculously expensive – the iPhone 5S in gold, silver or grey will sell for 23,900 baht for the 16GB model, 27,900 baht for the 32GB model and 31,900 baht for the 64GB model — or $770, $900 and $1,030 for a cheap plastic phone made in China. The iPhone 5Cs aren’t that much cheaper.

All I can say about the Apple iPhone 5C and 5S on sale in Thailand is, seriously, who cares? Unless you have more money than sense, buying a telephone made in China for less than 6,000 baht ($199) and then being sold with a huge markup makes you nothing more than “a fool easily parted with his money”.

Me? I still love my $20 Samsung, and I’ll be sticking with that.