Bang Sue vaccines now available through online booking beginning on Thursday

The Thai Medical Services Department has announced Bang Sue vaccines for Covid-19 will be available via online booking beginning on Thursday, July 29th.

Anyone that wishes to be vaccinated against Covid-19 can book an appointment for an inoculation, with appointments being accepted throughout August.

With only 20,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine available at Bang Sue Grand Station, however, it is likely vaccines will quickly run out.

Meanwhile, should you require a walk-in vaccination, you will no longer be able to get one at Bang Sue as of Saturday.

Authorities say the walk-in service is being ended due to mass crowds likely causing further Covid-19 infections. Something those in charge apparently did not think about before they announced a walk-in vaccination was possible.

With most government-run websites for vaccines crashing quickly in the past as well, it seems authorities have now decided to use those companies that do understand how to operate a website — namely, AIS, True, DTAC and National Telecom (although, having said that, the National Telecom site was already down when we tested it).

Should you require a vaccination against Covid-19, and wish to receive one at Bang Sue Grand Station, we recommend you book an appointment quickly.

This is due to a severe shortage of vaccines in Thailand currently causing some panic among Thais, and thus causing available vaccine slots that pop up anywhere to be booked quickly.

In other words, there will likely be another announcement before the end of the week saying all Bang Sue vaccines have now been booked, and no more will be available until new stocks arrive from overseas.