Bangkok Airways cyberattack puts customer data at risk the budget airline warns

Bangkok Airways – photo copyright Adam Carr, Creative Commons License

A recent Bangkok Airways cyberattack may have caused customer data to be exposed to nefarious operatives the budget airline announced in a press release yesterday.

This after they realized a hack had taken place against the airline on August 23rd, and quickly began an investigation, as they said, “with the assistance of a leading cyber security firm”.

During the investigation, officials discovered the data breach did not breach the airline’s security systems or operational data, but it did cause the personal data of Bangkok Airways customers to become more vulnerable.

Passenger data accessed includes passenger name, family name, nationality, gender, phone number, email, address, contact information, passport information, historical travel information, partial credit card information, and special meal information.

The airline is, therefore, warning customers their bank accounts and credit cards could be at risk, and is asking them to check financial statements from their banks and credit card companies to look for anything suspicious.

These checks should be carried out for several months, as cyber attackers do not always use or sell the data they steal immediately.

Bangkok Airways also recommends all customers change their passwords on any bank account or credit card account that has been used to purchase Bangkok Airways tickets or services in the past.

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