Bangkok Art and Culture Center Exhibitions: Elderly Thai Woman Nude

elderly thai woman naked bangkok art museum


I went to see three Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) exhibitions on Friday with two Thai friends. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to the BACC, and every time I go I always chastise myself for not going more often. Last Friday was no different.

This time, the Bangkok Art and Culture Center exhibitions were of three completely different styles of art.

One on Thai art as it relates to Buddhism (being Thailand they have a lot of these, so nothing particularly unusual there), another exhibition showing examples of counterfeit products from Bangkok’s The Tilleke & Gibbins Museum of Counterfeit Goods called ‘Pharmacide Arts and Counterfeit Goods’ and a third about art being created using things not necessarily classified as art.

An interesting combination of paintings, drawings and sculptures, as well as some fascinating counterfeit products laid side by side next to the real thing. And no, you couldn’t tell much difference.

The daily photo today is one of a group of paintings of studies showing an elderly Thai woman nude. I particularly liked these as you don’t often see realism in Thai art, which seems to be more wrapped up in either Buddhism or fantasy. Plus, it’s beautiful.