Bangkok: Most Dangerous City in the World When Crossing the Street?

thailand pedestrian crossings dangerous crossing the street


One thing you’ll notice when you first arrive in Bangkok is how dangerous it can be crossing the street. Bumper to bumper traffic, cars and motorbikes that don’t obey the laws of the road, and pedestrian crossings that might as well not be there as nobody stops to allow pedestrians to cross – not even the Thai police. So, is Bangkok the most dangerous city in the world when it comes to crossing the street? I’m not sure I’d go that for, but it’s certainly not a safe one.

Case in point, watch this video uploaded to YouTube by a Thai (and subtitled in English). She’s showing how dangerous pedestrian crossings are in the Khao San Road area of Bangkok where, even when pedestrians are in the middle of the road and ON THE PEDESTRIAN CROSSING, taxis, tuk-tuks and motorbikes continue to drive in front and behind them. Dangerous? You betcha.

On top of that, you can literally wait 10 minutes or more in Bangkok for a light at a pedestrian crossing to change from red to green so that you are able to cross. People get tired of waiting and cross while the traffic is still moving. Dangerous? You betcha.

In fact, if you haven’t been to Bangkok before, one big tip I can give you and that will save your life if you follow it, is do not expect anyone to stop for you while you’re waiting to cross on a pedestrian crossing or are already in the middle of one. Nobody will. Not even the Thai police.