Bangkok Traffic Jam Causes Taxi Driver to Read Newspaper — Daily Photo


taxi driver reading newspaper


Let’s face it, you know Bangkok traffic is bad when your taxi driver puts the car in ‘park’ and reaches for his newspaper. That was what happened on my taxi journey this morning on my way from the Central Ladprao area of Bangkok to the immigration offices just off Chang Wattana Road.

Traffic was horrendous, we were barely moving and then all of a sudden we weren’t, and I was on the telephone, so not even a worthy passenger for him to talk to. That’s why, with nothing else to do, the newspaper hit the spot.

Honestly, I can’t say I blamed him as there’s nothing more boring than Bangkok’s horrendous traffic jams. Besides, it made for a funĀ Daily Photo and we arrived at my destination all in one piece. To me that’s all that matters.