Bangkok Airways Sale: Cheap Flights Bangkok to Mandalay, Myanmar

bangkok to mandalay bangkok airways


Looking for cheap flights from Bangkok to Mandalay, Myanmar? Then the latest Bangkok Airways sale should make you very happy. During the sale, Bangkok Airways is offering cheap flights from Bangkok to Mandalay, Myanmar from September 17th to October 31st, 2013 — fares as low as 2,590 baht ($87.50) — you just have to book before the 30th June to get them.

Flights from Bangkok to Mandalay are a new service from Bangkok Airways, which is why these fares are so cheap. You can also expect them to disappear fast as Mandalay is one of those exciting, exotic places many people are desperate to visit. With the new service from Bangkok Airways, you now can.

By the way, this promotion is a ‘web promotion’ only, so don’t expect to get anything similar if you show up at a Bangkok Airways office. You might, but knowing the way Bangkok Airways operates, I wouldn’t count on it.

Fares also exclude all taxes and the airline does not offer ticket changes or refunds on these, so be absolutely sure of your dates and times before you book.