Barbecue Plaza Expanding Into Indonesia With New Restaurant Opening

Barbecue Plaza's cute mascot, wearing his Songkran shirt.


Interesting news today that Barbecue Plaza, the Thai chain of Japanese-Mongolian sukiyaki and shabu barbecue restaurants will be continuing its expansion — this time into Indonesia. The restaurant chain, one of the most popular in Thailand, (not surprising, as food is cheap, fresh and delicious), will also be increasing the number of restaurants it has in Malaysia, with another six to be added this year.

Barbecue Plaza is a wonderful concept restaurant. You take a booth, the waitress sets up your water-based grill, you order raw meat and vegetables and, when they arrive, you start cooking them at your table. Add in some amazing sauces and, of course, some of the freshest food in Bangkok, and that Barbecue Plaza restaurant chains often have lines of people waiting for a table shouldn’t be a shock.

I eat at Barbecue Plaza at least once a month. For less than 250 baht, you can stuff yourself to the gills with fresh veggies and barbecue chicken, seafood or meat, and still come away having eaten a pretty healthy meal.

Along with their expansions into Indonesia and more restaurants in Malaysia, Barbecue Plaza also plans opening at least 10 more restaurants in Thailand this year.  Good luck to them. They’re wonderful.