Bell Nuntita Sings ‘Stop the Pity’ (หยุดสงสาร) – Official Music Video

bell nuntita stop the pity


Just in case you were wondering what has happened to Thai singer Bell Nuntita lately, don’t worry, she’s still singing and is even more popular here in Thailand than she was when she first appeared on Thailand’s Got Talent. She pops up on Thai TV periodically and has recently released a new single on iTunes called Stop Pity (in Thai   ) — a single that is really beautiful.

Bell Nuntita’s latest single Stop the Pity tells the story of a Thai man who, even though he is in a relationship with a new girlfriend, can’t stop looking at old photographs as he still pines after his former love so ignores the girl he is currently with.

In the video, his ex-girlfriend is telling him to ‘Stop the Pity’ and move on.

A lovely song and what an amazing voice Bell Nuntita has, whether she is singing in her male or female voice!

Watch the official Bell Nuntita ‘Stop the Pity’ video below to see what I mean, and don’t forget to buy the song on iTunes.