Best Banana Pancakes in Thailand at Chatuchak Weekend Market

Where are the best banana pancakes in Bangkok?

One thing I cannot resist when I go shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand is a small cafe that sells banana pancakes. Just the fluffiest, lightest, softest pancakes you have ever tasted, they arrive at your table perfectly golden and stuffed with hot bananas — the best banana pancakes in Bangkok.

Pour the light sugary syrup on top, and spoon them up. They are simply heavenly.

Order these and an iced coffee, and it really is the best breakfast ever – the nectar of the gods — and a superb start to your day before you head off into the Chatuchak crowds.

To find these delectable banana pancakes, walk through the main gate of Chatuchak Market and turn left on the main circular road. Continue walking past all the stalls until you get to a shallow bend in the road, and located on the bend on the right hand side of the lane is a small cafe that only serves pancakes and a variety of iced teas and coffees.

There are a few tables in front of it. Take a seat and place your order. Your pancakes will arrive in less than five minutes, and always with a Thai smile.

The pancakes are 30 baht each (90 cents), which is why I normally order two, and the iced coffees are just 45 baht ($1.40). Tasty, and an amazing bargain.