Best Cheap Budget Hotels in Khao San Road Area, Bangkok, Thailand

A suite at Amarin Inn in the Khao San Road area of Bangkok


Several times a month, low budget travelers contact us to find out if we have cheap budget hotel recommendations around the Khao San Road area. The most popular area of Bangkok for low-budget hotels, Khao San Road has some cheap but lovely hotels that are in great locations, and with a variety of decent amenities. These are just a few of the ones we’d recommend.

Sawasdee Banglampoo Inn – A large hotel with more than 50 rooms, the Sawasdee Banglampoo Inn has standard, superior and deluxe rooms starting at 700 baht a night (around $22.50) . All rooms are air-conditioned with private showers and cable TV. Downstairs there’s a nice little restaurant, where you can get the included-breakfast, and also a TV area, pool table, and a small bar and lounge area. The hotel is clean, not too noisy and the staff is friendly. Good location too on Khao San Road itself.

New Joe Guesthouse – One thing I like about New Joe Guesthouse is it’s down a quiet soi, so you don’t get all the noise from Khao San Road, yet it’s still only a couple of minutes walk away. They have single rooms all the way up to triple rooms, with rates starting as low as 400 baht a night (about $13) for a room with no air conditioning and just a fan, all the way up to 700 baht a night ($22.50) for a triple room with air.

New Joe Guesthouse also has a pretty courtyard garden and cafe where you can breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks or even a beer or two. 81 Trokmayom Charakpongse Rd. Taladyod, Bangkok

Sawasdee Bangkok Inn – Sawasdee Bangkok Inn is a cute budget hotel slap bang in the middle of Khao San Road, so a perfect location if you like all the hustle and bustle of the street. They have standard single up to superior triple rooms (which are very pretty), and room rates start as low as 570 baht per night ($19.50) if you book on the internet. All rooms have air conditioning, private bathrooms, hairdryers, cable TV and tea and coffee amenities.

Sawasdee Bangkok Inn actually has a bit of a New Orleans feel to it as the hotel is built in Colonial style. The outdoor restaurant is in the middle of the hotel so, if it wasn’t for the Thai food and Thai staff, you might even feel like you’re in Louisiana. The hotel also has good security. 126/2 Khaosan Rd., Banglumpu, Bangkok.

Amarin Inn is a little bit more upscale, with rooms starting at 670 baht ($22.25) all the way up to 1,400 baht ($45) per night. Again, it’s great if you like quieter hotels as it’s a few minutes from Khao San Road. All rooms have airconditioning, private bathrooms and cable TV, and it has a decent restaurant with good food at an inexpensive price.

The staff at Amarin Inn is friendly (something to be noted as, often, on Khao San Road the hotel staff are not always friendly because they have to deal with so many rude westerners). 96 Trok Surau Chakrapong, Bangkok

Rambuttri Village Inn – One of the most popular hotels for repeat travelers, the Rambuttri Village Inn is incredibly clean, which is noteable in the Khao San Road area. Rooms start at 290 baht for a room with a fan (about $9.75) but most of their rooms are airconditioned so a higher price. The hotel has two restaurants which serve excellent British pub food.

The Rambuttri Village Inn is a nice hotel for a family too as it’s quiet and the security is good. 95 Soi Ram Buttri, Chakkra Phong Road, Phra Nakorn, Bangkok

There are many choices for low-budget hotels in the Khao San Road neighborhood. These five are some of our favorites. If you’re planning on staying around Khao San Road in Bangkok just make sure you read some of the hotel reviews online before you book, and you should have no problems finding a nice budget hotel for a cheap price.