Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand – Your Children Will Love Eating Here


Thais love children. That’s why, unlike many countries in the west where children are expected to be ‘seen and not heard’, eating out at restaurants in a world-class city like Bangkok, with kids, is usually easy. Many restaurants in Bangkok cater to kids but, with so many child-friendly restaurants to choose from, which ones will you probably like? Try these three. They’re wonderfully kid-friendly, and the food is excellent too.

Crepes & Co – Just about my favorite restaurant in Bangkok, Crepes & Conot only serves amazing Mediterranean food and to-die-for crepes, but they seem to love kids too.

The restaurant is located in a beautiful old converted Thai house and surrounded by lush tropical gardens. It’s also a haven for expat families with children, who you’ll find seated both inside and outside, and with the kids running around screaming and generally making lots of noise while mom and dad relax.

Crepes & Co has a special kids menu, high chairs for babies,and even a small play area with comic books and games. They also serve lots of ice cream, ice cream-stuffed crepes and desserts — another big win with the kids.

If you don’t have children and don’t like a lot of noise, then Crepes & Company on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and for brunch, is not the place to eat. If however you want a place where your kids are not only tolerated but actively welcomed, Crepes & Company will thrill you.

You’ll find Crepes & Company at 18 Sukhumvit, Soi 12, near Asok BTS sky train station.

The Londoner Brew Pub – My western friends with kids swear by The Londoner Brew Pub when it comes to being comfortable with their kids, and some of them eat there every weekend. At The Londoner, you’ll get incredible British pub food, a relaxed atmosphere, sports on TV, pool tables, and their motto ‘we pleasingly serve children and do not have to tolerate them.’

Kids will love the menu — sausages and mash, fish and chips, fish fingers, chips and peas, sausages and baked beans, grilled ham and cheese, spaghetti bolognese, baked potatoes, and don’t forget the ice cream cones, apple pie and ice cream, and chocolate fondue.

The Londoner Brew Pub is known as the most kid-friendly pub in Bangkok. You’ll find it at 591 UBC II Building, Basement B 104, Sukhumvit 33, Bangkok.

Charley Brown’s Tex Mex Mexican Cantina – What I already think of as the best Mexican restaurant in Bangkok also caters to families with kids. At Charley Brown’s, while mom and dad are enjoying their incredible margaritas and amazing Mexican food, the kids will love their own menu with its nachos, chicken nuggets, mini burritos and, of course, brownies for dessert.

Charley Brown’s also has high chairs (a rarity in Bangkok) and provides paper and crayons and a games box for the kids. There’s also plenty of room to park the pushchair next to the table if you have a really little one with you. You don’t get much more child-friendly than this wonderful Mexican restaurant.

Charley Brown’s is at 1/23 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok.