Best Places To Eat Traditional Christmas Dinner in Bangkok, Thailand

Okay, so the Christmas cracker hat is a bit too big for a Thai head. It’s still fun though

Sure, it is a bit early for thinking about Christmas in Bangkok but, honestly, you will be surprised how fast Christmas does get here.

Then you will beĀ  stuck worrying about where to eat a traditional Christmas dinner in Bangkok as everywhere will be booked.

Don’t worry though, as long as you book early enough, Bangkok has some amazing places to eat Christmas dinner, from cheap to super expensive, and including all kinds of Christmas cuisines from many countries.

British Pubs – For six of the 14 years I have been in Bangkok, I have eaten traditional Christmas dinner at one of Bangkok’s British pubs.

The Londoner, is actually my favorite British pub for Christmas dinner – the place is festive, absolutely packed with westerners and Thais, serves great beer, an amazing set lunch or dinner menu for only around $35, and has a wonderful atmosphere.

Also check out The Robin Hood, which has always been popular for Christmas dinner in Bangkok. You will get a three-course Christmas meal there, with all the trimmings, for around $30.


Sherbet ice cream, served at The Londoner between courses — to help clean the palate.

Oh My Cod – My favorite British restaurant in Bangkok is a small eatery called Oh My Cod.

Tucked away in a small courtyard near Khao San Road, all year round their British food is awesome but they especially shine on Christmas Day.

Prices are inexpensive and the staff is lovely too.

Oriental Hotel – For true upscale elegance on Christmas Day, you cannot beat the Oriental Hotel. Once the world’s number one hotel, it is still usually in the top 10 and serves stunning food in a sumptuous atmosphere.

They also have a couple of restaurants that serve a Christmas dinner fit for a king – Lord Jim’s, with typical Christmas fare and Father Christmas for about $125 per person, and an incredible sit down meal at Le Normandie for more than double that price.

Whichever you choose, Christmas dinner at the Oriental Hotel is a once in a lifetime experience. So, if you can afford it, why not?