Best Pool and Billiards Bars in Bangkok, Thailand – Good Food, Great Beer, Cute Thai Girls

Hustlers in Bangkok is one of the best pool and billiards bars and has some darn pretty girls working there too.

Pool, also known as billiards, has become extremely popular in Bangkok, Thailand in recent years. Pool or billiards bars are opening up all over the city, with some better than anything you’d ever find in Europe or the United States.

If you are a serious pool player or just a casual billiards fan, you will love these three best Bangkok pool bars. Great food, good beer and some pretty darn awesome pool tables.

The Sportsman – The daddy of all pool bars in Bangkok is The Sportsman. Known throughout the city as the best place to play pool, not only is it the perfect play for the pool or billiards fanatic, this sports bar also serves a huge menu of superb Western food and some incredible imported beers.

At The Sportsman, you will find five 8ft Brunswick tables and two 9ft Brunswick Metro tables. That means you’ll never have a problem getting a pick-up game together. Prices for the pool tables are cheap too. Only 20 baht (67 cents) a game or 200 baht ($6.70) for an hour. They also have staff on hand (cute Thai girls) to cater to your every need or even to play a game of pool with you if you can’t find anyone else available.

The Sportsman also hosts pool tournaments for those players who are a bit more serious about their game. They also air all the important football, golf, rugby, cricket and American football games on massive TV screens so, with great food and beer, some awesome pool tables and live sporting events – there’s no reason to ever leave.

You’ll find The Sportsman at 496/1 Sukhumvit, Kwang Klongtan, Klongtoey, Bangkok.

Hustlers – One of the most recent billiards and pool bars to open in Bangkok, Hustlers has it all. Good food, live entertainment, great beer and every important sporting event shown live on their large screen TVs.

Hustlers has full size Brunswick Gold Crown Pool tables where you can play by the hour or half hour. Prices are more than double the cost at The Sportsman, but they do have specials at certain times during the day. Check with staff to see what they’re running that month.

Pool girls will set you up at a table when you arrive, as well as take your food or drink orders. Don’t forget too, Happy Hour runs from 4-7pm, so make sure you get your a lot of your drinks in then.

The Bangkok Pool League plays weekly matches here, and Hustlers themselves put on various tournaments throughout the year.

Check out Hustlers in the Times Square Building on Sukhumvit, close to Asok BTS sky train station.

The Sport Corner – One of the friendliest pool and billiards bars in Bangkok, The Sport Corner is an American sports bar that offers a laidback, relaxed environment, excellent American-style bar food and lots and lots of live-screened sporting events.

For pool, The Sport Corner only has one 9ft Brunswick table, but the bar itself, the food and the staff make up for any wait you might have for your next game. It’s also an ideal place for pool players who just enjoy a relaxing game without all the stress involved with having to play seriously, like some of the other Bangkok pool bars sometimes mandate.

After a game of pool (which by the way is cheap here), don’t miss watching the latest NHL, NFL, NRL, rugby, football or golf game or match on one of The Sport Corner’s nine large flat screen TVs or two projection screens.
The beer and pizza are great too.

The Sport Corner is at 394/2 Sukhumvit, Soi 20, Bangkok