Best Three Bangkok Shopping Malls: Awesome Places To Buy Everything You Could Ever Need

Bangkok, Thailand is known as a shopper’s paradise. With more shops and markets per square meter than any other place in the world, you can find everything in Bangkok and at dirt cheap prices.

Bangkok shopping malls, too, are phenomenal places – better than anything in the west, they are massive, glitzy, full of high-tech video screens, and crammed with the best shops in the world.

If you are into shopping malls (and who isn’t in Bangkok’s ridiculous heat?) don’t miss shopping at these three best Bangkok malls.

MBK (Mahboonkrong) Mall – The most famous mall in Bangkok, it’s also the cheapest. MBK is located next to National Stadium sky train station, so easy to get to and, here, you can buy anything.

Look for shops and market-style stalls selling clothing, belts, shoes, leather bags, designer clothing, Thai silk, toys, food, Thai snacks, DVDs, CDs and an entire floor dedicated to mobile phones, cameras, computers and other electronics.

MBK is also an amazing place to eat with more than 100 restaurants, two massive food courts and loads of snack bars. Try to get there before noon as, when school lets out, it’s mobbed with Thai teenagers.

Siam Paragon –  For upscale shopping, it is Siam Paragon all the way. With every designer store you have ever heard of, Siam Paragon has floor after floor of glitz and glamor. Also check out the cute cafes, many restaurants and particularly the restaurants in the basement (just avoid the food court downstairs as it’s pricey and dreadful). Siam Paragon is also home to Kinokuniya, Bangkok’s best English book store and it’s huge.

Siam Paragon shopping mall is next to Siam sky train station and one of the best shopping malls in Bangkok, particularly if you have lots of money.

Emporium – An oldie but a goodie, the Emporium mall is popular for its yummy food court and its less-crowded weekends.  Emporium is one of Bangkok’s oldest malls, yet still has a lot to offer. I love the more relaxed atmosphere, particularly on the weekends, and there’s a lovely Starbucks overlooking the park, and a fabulous movie theater.

Also don’t miss the design center on the top floor, with its trendy cafe and cool library. Emporium’s supermarket is excellent too.

You will find Emporium at Phrom Phong sky train station. Easy to get to as a mini-skybridge goes right into the mall.