Best Times for Flights to Bangkok: Avoid Suvarnabhumi Airport Immigration Lines


If you’re tired of standing in long Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport’s immigration lines, you might want to consider changing your flight so that the time of any flights to Bangkok does not coincide with the other 20 international flights arriving at the same time.

That’s because Suvarnabhumi Airport and international airlines have done a dismal job scheduling international flights. So bad are their flights to Bangkok from overseas that, most international flights from the UK, Europe and the US all arrive around the same time.

What that means is, literally, five thousand people all arrive on international flights to Bangkok within an hour of each other and all are desperate to get through Suvarnabhumi Airport immigration. Long lines quickly form and, in many cases, it can take up to three hours to clear Bangkok customs.

The same happens with international flights leaving Bangkok as it does with flights to Bangkok. Everyone leaving Bangkok is on an international flight within an hour of each other, and massive two to three hour lines of people occur with everyone desperately trying to get through Suvarnabhumi immigration so they can catch their flights.

If you too are booking flights into or out of Suvarnabhumi, we’d say two things. Avoid Suvarnabhumi Airport like the plague if you possibly can until they get their immigration problems fixed (Malaysia is just as nice a place for a vacation as Thailand) and, if you can’t, try to schedule international flights into our out of Suvarnabhumi that do not leave early in the morning (between 6am and 10am) and international flights to Bangkok that do not arrive between 10pm and 2am