Best Website in Spanish About Bangkok, Thailand

viaje a bangkok


I’m planning on spending half of the year in Spain beginning at the end of 2013, so I’m brushing up on my Spanish language skills. That’s why, on my travels around the internet recently, I discovered an excellent website about Bangkok, Thailand in Spanish. Not only does it have accurate and concise information about what to see and do, and where to eat, shop and stay in Bangkok, the site also has tips about your stay in Bangkok and some very pretty photographs.

Called ‘Viaje a Bangkok‘, (Trip to Bangkok), whether you prefer your information about Bangkok in Spanish or, like me, are trying to improve your Spanish skills for an upcoming trip to Spain, Viaje a Bangkok is a nice little site to spend some time at.

Viaje a Bangkok also offers trips and tours, transfers to and from the airport and other travel-related services in and around Thailand’s capital city through a Thai company called Poona Travel Co.Ltd. Check them out.