Best Women’s Clothing Stores at Terminal 21 Mall in Bangkok, Thailand

womens clothing stores terminal 21



The best women’s clothing stores at Terminal 21 are…….

Are you planning on visiting Bangkok to shop for women’s clothing, then one place you should definitely visit is Terminal 21, one of Bangkok’s newest and trendiest shopping malls. It’s full of stores selling clothes for both men and women, as well as lots of shops selling bags, jewelry, shoes and other fashion accessories. Many of these shops also have some of the cutest fashion items in Bangkok.

Of course, some of the women’s clothing stores at Terminal 21 are better than others. Here are the ones I like the most and the ones I believe are some of the best women’s clothing stores at Terminal 21, and well worth a look at.

Seven Star – If you like trendy t-shirts that are uniquely designed and good quality, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Seven Star. One of my favorite places in Bangkok to pick up a cool t-shirt, it’s independently owned and you’ll usually find the artist who designs the t-shirts and other items selling them as well.

Want a t-shirt showing Obama as a super hero, or a Ronald McDonald look-alike dressed as Hitler (well, we all know McDonald’s is evil), then look no further than Seven Star at Terminal 21.

T-shirts start at around 300 baht (around $9 with the current exchange rate) and designs change all the time.

You’ll find Seven Star on the 2nd floor of Terminal 21.


sassila terminal 21
Some of the very cute dresses at Sassila at Terminal 21

Sassila – For those who like more girly fashions, Sassila is a wonderful place to shop as they sell skirts and dresses in some lovely feminine styles. Colors too tend to be a bit more muted than other stores, as they seem to go for pastels or pale colors.

Sassila also sells beautiful fabric purses, belts, bras and fashion accessories I haven’t seen anywhere else.

They’re located on the first floor of Terminal 21.


Lalida Terminal 21

Lalida – If you’re looking for trendy dresses, mini skirts or fashionable jewelry, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Lalida. They’re also particularly great for teenagers, who are looking for something cute to wear for summer or for a special occasion, as their styles tend to be simply cut but exceptionally cute.

Pick up a short dress for a summer evening dance, a clutch bag for a trip to church or temple, or a pair of high-cut shorts. Lalida has lovely styles, which change often, although if you’re much more than a size 6 you will find it almost impossible to find your size.

You’ll find Lalida on the first floor of Terminal 21.


dress to kill terminal 21

Dress to Kill – If you like bright and colorful clothing in casual styles, Dress to Kill is one of the best women’s clothing stores at Terminal 21 to find them.

Dress to Kills sells dresses and skirts for both day and evening, in gorgeous colors and patterns. It’s a perfect shop to look for a beautifully cut evening gown, or a pretty feminine dress perfect for the spring or summer. Prices too are quite reasonable, particularly for the high-quality of the clothes they sell.

The shop is located on the first floor.

For more lovely women’s clothing stores at Terminal 21 (and for men’s and children’s too), check out the mall’s store directory, as you’ll not only find listings for every shop but photographs of what they sell as well.