Big Eye Contact Lenses in Thailand: Are They Safe?

big eye contact lenses thailand


‘Big eye’ contact lenses in Thailand have been popular with Thai women for a couple of years now. Big eye contact lenses originally were sold in Japan and Korea, where the girls like to have eyes like a doll but eventually, as Thai women love to copy Japanese and Korean trends, they eventually hit Thailand and became big sellers.

Now big eye contact lenses in Thailand are in the news as four Thai girls were admitted to a Bangkok hospital with severe eye infections recently, and doctors say their problems were caused by wearing the contact lenses.  So, is wearing big eye contact lenses dangerous?

According to most doctors, no.  What’s dangerous is not cleaning them correctly or wearing them when you already have an infection in your eye. Plus, some people may be allergic to the colored dyes used to tint the lenses.

If you do wear big eye contact lenses in Thailand, or want to try them, just make sure you clean them every night after you’ve taken them out, clean them again before you put them in, and don’t fall asleep in them and, honestly, they should be perfectly safe.