Big Japanese Maneki-Neko at Terminal 21 in Bangkok, Thailand May Change Your Luck

Japanese good luck



If you’re a fan of the maneki-neko ‘good luck cats'( 招き猫? or “beckoning cat”) from Japan, you must go to Terminal 21 in Bangkok, Thailand to have your photograph taken with one of the biggest maneki-nekos I’ve ever seen.

You’ll find the massive maneki-neko on the Tokyo floor of Terminal 21, of course, along with giant statues of sumo wrestlers, Japanese toilets complete with heated loo seats, and lots of Japanese-style fashions and fashion accessories to buy.

If you want to improve your shopping luck, though, you might want to stop by the Maneki-Neko first before you start spending money, and either snap a photograph of it or stand by it and have someone take the two of you together.

Who knows, you might just find the bargain of your life!